Point/Counterpoint: Meredith vs Christina


Grey’s Anatomy may have a lot of characters but Meredith and Christina seem to be the stars of the show. From them, we learn that similar pasts can have very different outcomes, but which outcome is better, that’s a matter of opinion.

Syeda Rizvi

For Meredith

Dark and twisty is much better than cold, hard steel. I would pick Meredith over Christina anyday. Meredith embraces her emotional scars instead of burying them deep down inside of her.

Meredith knows how and when to approach a situation. She doesn’t just treat everyone with the same attitude. She can sense what people need to hear in the moment. Not only that, but I feel like her morals are stronger than Christina’s. She didn’t sleep around much and once she realized that Derek was interested in her, she stuck with him. Meredith has a lot of love to give because she had no one to give her love to as a child thanks to her workaholic mom and nonexistent father figure.

She wants to have children while Christina won’t even consider the idea. Both of them had rough childhoods but Meredith continues to be willing to try things that Christina never would. I believe that’s a very important quality to have. You can’t just give up on important things in your life just because of some things that happened in your past. Your goal should be to avoid repeating the mistakes that others made to hurt you.

Overall, I think Meredith’s personality is more reasonable than Christina’s. If a person was constantly cold and distant, I wouldn’t want to be around them. Although Meredith has an instinctive defense system, it’s easy to disable it and get to know her. She’s approachable and as time goes on she develops that quality.

Tatiana Calzado

For Christina

I believe knowing what you want and letting nothing stop you is an important trait. In the common “Grey’s Anatomy” debate, I would definitely choose Christina over Meredith. I view Christina as strong-willed and independent, which I prefer over someone who is emotional and indecisive.

Christina is very aware of what she wants and what to do to get to that exact point. She does not let her emotions get to her and rarely shows any weakness. Meredith on the other hand, does show weakness and pity. Because of Meredith’s traits, she has lost many great surgeries to Christina who took advantage of her. Meredith is an easy target in these situations which is not going to help her career. While Christina, on the other hand, is on her way to being number one.

Christina is portrayed as cold and emotionless, basically having all the characteristics of a robot. Although, I don’t think she should be presented as this kind of person because Christina does show emotion throughout the show, she shows her tears and her happiness. Yes, both Meredith and Christina have had troubled pasts but everyone is different. They’re both different and cope with their problems differently and how they’re comfortable. So what if Christina’s a little stubborn towards talking about her past? It is just something she isn’t comfortable with.

Christina shows strength and her abilities which lead her to rise to the top, which I find admirable.