What We Used to Be


What has changed on our path from children to adults? What adjustments have we made to better ourselves in the eyes of society? Did we let go of our young, wild, carefree spirits and become someone we didn’t want to be?

When you’re young, you believe in just about anything – from the tooth fairy to the monster under the bed. You created a wonderful world of your own filled with chaotic scenarios, imaginary friends and faraway places. Nothing was out of reach.

You didn’t care if you had a big belly, or if your hair was a mess. You didn’t worry about the looks you would get when you ran around in public. You were just doing what made you happy. You were just doing you.

As we have grown older, we have lost our innocent mind, our curiosity and the idea that the only thing that really mattered was what we thought of ourselves.

So, the only question is: What happened, from then to now?

My answer to this is simple: society and the expectations people hold for us change as we grow.

I went from a child who had so much belief in and so much confidence in everything I did, to a teen constantly questioning the good of the world.

I understand the reason for growing out of believing in things like the tooth fairy or the scary monster underneath my bed. But I don’t understand the reason we lose our creative minds and our free spirits, how we view ourselves versus how the world sees us.

We’ve traded our creative minds for more sophisticated ones, and our free spirits for obedience, and how we view ourselves for how others view us.  And it definitely wasn’t the way to go.

Now, I feel like those things I lost are what I need most. I need a more positive outlook on the world. I need to be more curious. I need to focus on how I see myself.

Looking back, those were all the things that once brought me happiness.

And I can bring that into my life again easily, if I just regain what I lost. I guess the only way to do that is to break ties with the expectations I’m suppose to follow and allow my creative mind to wander; as it should.