Staff Editorial: Best fit should take priority over brand-named colleges


The deadline for college applications is just around the corner, a time when seniors, and their parents, stress over if the student got into the college of their dreams or not. Today’s society makes a generalization that a pretentiously-named school is better than a state school. They compare prices, the reputation of the college in society and quality of education. The college that’s a best fit for the student’s future should debunk name branded colleges.

As years have gone by, the cost of college has exceeded an average middle class family’s capability. The average cost of college per year for 2016 is $33,480 at private colleges, $9,650 at public colleges for in-state students, and $24,930 for out-of-state residents. In today’s day and age, the worth of money has gone up, meaning society gives so much importance for it. The same can be assumed when it comes to college tuitions. The more you spend, the more value a college seems to have. This is wrong, because it gives people a mindset to spend more money than needed.

Speaking of societal values, the name of the college shows people that you went to a “good” school. Many people want their children to go to name brand colleges to show off that their children are successful. A name doesn’t bring success, but the quality of education you receive does.

Although people believe that prestigious schools offer better education, the college should be based off of a best fit for their career and financial state. The school with the best curriculum and program for your career should be the one you want to go to. For example, a student trying to major in music shouldn’t be going to Yale (known for a good law and business program), but to a better fit school, like Berklee College of Music.

Making sure not to give into societal pressures and doing what is best fit for the college student’s future can lead them in the right path. Overall if you have a good plan on what to do, you can be successful on finding the right college while still saving money. Although getting into a prestigious school is a dream come true to many, make sure it is the best fit for a student’s future.