Prom: before and after

Prom: before and after


Prom was held at the Perot Museum on Saturday, May 6. Juniors and seniors attended the event, with the theme of City Lights inspired by downtown Dallas’ city lights. Here are a few opinions on the prom:




Senior Amina Aslam 

“We met up at the Castle Hills lake, took a few pictures and left in a group to take pictures somewhere else. We had dinner reservations, [went] to prom and hung out with friends. Going in, I thought it would be a fun time, especially because it was at the Perot museum. It met up to our expectations. It was a little different at the museum, because the dance was there. It was exciting to be nominated [for prom queen], but I didn’t expect it.”




Senior Justin John

“[My plans for prom were to] get with friends, take pictures, go to dinner and go dance. I thought it was going to be romantic and lit; the whole time it was just lit. There weren’t that many hyped songs [and there were] some weird songs. I had a prom date, but I spent most of my time with my friends.”





Senior Emma Hauck 

“I went with a group of friends to prom. We took pictures and had dinner at one of my friend’s houses and we drove downtown to the museum. Well, I haven’t gone to prom in the previous years, but I felt like I should, just because I’m a senior. I was hoping it would be fun; most of my friends had gone to the dances before and they seemed to have a good time. The venue was pretty unique this year, even if I wasn’t into the dancing, I could just wander around and look at the exhibits. [The dance] was really fun to be there with friends and run into people that I knew, and see everyone all dressed up.”



Senior Ibraheem Hamza 

“My plans for prom were pretty much the same as last year, which was go to dinner, take pictures, go to prom for a couple of hours, head out and see where the night takes me. Going into the dance, I’ve never seen this museum, so my expectations of it was an actual museum. But I liked the setup of it, like how they had the coat check at the entrance, unlike last year, where we had to walk through the whole hotel. I liked how they had the exhibits and how you could walk around when you [were] tired and not be so in the crowd. [My expectations] were somewhat met. They could’ve made the dance floor bigger, because everyone was crowded.”



Senior Michaela Calahan

“[I just wanted to] see where the night takes me, really just have fun, go with a few friends. I’ve been to the Perot before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I wanted to see what they had done with the building and the basement. It was kind of weird, because I didn’t know where they were going to have us dancing, there were close to like a thousand kids. They had photo booths and I like how they had certain places for food, so you didn’t have to go all the way downstairs. I think my expectations were met.”