Bookworm Banter: Let’s talk books!


I’m an avid reader: always have been, and hopefully always will be.


Even though my school schedule keeps me crazy busy, I always try and take time to read a little each day. Reading has helped me in my classes because it raises my reading level, and I never struggle with independent reading time in English class. One of my favorite things to do after I read a really amazing book is to share it with everyone and encourage them to read it, or hear their thoughts and discuss it with them if they’ve already read it.


In this blog, my goal is to explore and talk about new books, and share my love of them  with everyone. I want this blog to be a place where people come to learn about books and get recommendations, but I also want people to share their favorite books, too. If you have a reading recommendation for me, or think there’s a book I should review, please comment below.


So, let me officially welcome you to Bookworm Banter: Let’s Talk Books!