Battle of the Bobas


Sarosh Ismai

A Classic Pearl Milk Tea from Mac’s Boba Cafe.

I would definitely consider myself a boba connoisseur, you can find me with my friends in the parking lot of a boba shop almost every weekend. I can’t begin to explain the feeling tapioca pearls bring me. Here are some of the best local boba places, ranked from great boba to absolutely heavenly boba.


Mac’s Boba Cafe 8/10

The boba here was perfectly tender. Their milk tea was also smooth and flavorful. One thing I found disappointing was the lid on my cup; one of my favorite parts of getting boba is stabbing the straw through the taut plastic covering; however, at Mac’s Boba Cafe, they use regular lids, which takes away from the normal satisfaction. The inside of this cafe was aesthetically pleasing, they had a bright color scheme, indoor seating and a few cute photo opportunities. This would definitely be a great place to drink boba and hang out with your friends.


Kung Fu Tea 9/10

My holy grail, the love of my life, my everything. When I say I would sell my soul for Kung Fu Tea, I am not over exaggerating. The consist quality always has me coming back. One of my favorites here is the Thai milk tea with boba, which I would describe as milk tea on steroids. If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, I would recommend just the regular milk tea. For the past few months, Kung Fu Tea has not had open indoor seating, so I normally sit in my car or meet my friends at a park after we take our drinks to-go. It’s important to have a plan for alternative seating if you’re planning on coming here. 


Tiger Sugar 10/10

Kung Fu Tea used to be my all-time favorite boba place until I tried Tiger Sugar. I have never had such perfect tapioca pearls. I ordered their signature drink, which had a strong brown sugar flavor. The tapioca was smooth on the outside and chewy in the center. The inside of the store had a cozy feel however, due to the current circumstances, there is no inside seating. The staff here was friendly, which definitely makes me want to come back.


I will definitely be going back to all of these places, they all provide a unique experience. The decision of where to go next time I’m wanting boba will be a difficult one; I’ll probably have my friends make that decision.