Staff Editorial: The school board should vote to postpone finals


Photo illustration by Sarosh Ismail

Midterms were originally scheduled to be held March 4-5; however, due to inclement weather and a state-wide power crisis, LISD schools were canceled for one week. The school board will meet Monday to discuss the possibility of postponing midterms until March 11-12. If the school board wants to keep students’ best interests in mind, voting for the postponement of midterms is the obvious choice.

To get an overview of student and staff’s opinion, “The Hawk Eye” sent out a survey to students and faculty. Out of 1,457 responses, 68.6% agreed midterms should be postponed.

Due to school cancelation, it is only natural to push finals back a week and accommodate for missed school time. Many students did not have power last week and were unable to study and review course material. Students were preoccupied with more pressing issues like trying to stay warm — not schoolwork. Because of this, students could have forgotten recently-learned material. Some teachers even spent Monday reviewing material from the week before. An extra week would give teachers the time to finish any lesson material and also spend extra time reviewing for midterms with students. 

Furthermore, some students’ houses suffered damage due to the inclement weather. We have all seen the videos circulating online of water pipes that froze and busted, flooding entire rooms. These students’ lives have been disrupted by these issues, and they are preoccupied with housing damages. With flooded rooms and a chaotic scene, it would be difficult for these students to properly study for midterms.

If midterms are held next week, there will still be a week of school left before spring break. If anything, it would make more sense to take midterms and then have a week of vacation afterwards. All new course material taught for the new nine weeks would likely be forgotten by students over spring break and teachers would have to spend time reviewing when everyone comes back. It makes more sense to just come back and begin a new unit.

Although the district adjusting the schedule could be somewhat inconvenient and parents and teachers would have to alter their schedule, it’s the best option for the students themselves. The job of the school board is to keep students’ best interests in mind.

Texas was struck with a once-in-a-life-time event and the school board should accommodate for these unusual circumstances. With the next ‘nine weeks’ actually being 11 weeks, the district has plenty of room to adjust the schedule and push back midterms.