Five body-positive icons to appreciate on national plus-sized appreciation day

In honor of national plus-sized appreciation day on Oct. 6, here’s a list of five body-positive icons who have paved the way for acceptance and inclusivity. From models to outspoken activists, these people have created a gateway for future generations to become more educated and welcoming.


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Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday is an American plus-sized model based in Los Angeles. Most commonly known for the hashtag she created in 2015 to defy eurocentric physical expectations of women, “#effyourbeautystandards.” Currently, Holliday remains a vocal advocate for plus-size inclusivity within the fashion industry and on social media, hoping to create more opportunities for models of all sizes through her work. 

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Jonah Hill

Highly acclaimed actor and filmmaker, Jonah Hill has been open about struggling with his body image since he starred in “Superbad” and21 Jump Street.” “I was an insecure, overweight kid,” Hill said in a Buzzfeed interview. “You are a target of abuse.”  Since his recent weight loss journey began, Hill has struggled with the media dissecting every photo of his body, but he remains dedicated to putting himself and his mental health first.

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Perhaps the most vocal body-positive activist in the music industry, three-time Grammy winner Lizzo has produced countless record-breaking songs such as “Truth Hurts” and “Good as Hell,” preaching to her fans to practice self-love and happiness within. “I was a fat black girl in Houston, and I didn’t see myself in magazines,” she said in a US Weekly interview. Despite numerous online trolls, Lizzo has been nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammys and won three awards for singles. She continues to embrace her body on her social media platforms in order to be a role model for young girls.

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James Corden

British TV show host and actor James Corden has been candid on his weight being a huge factor while pursuing acting roles in the film industry. Corden recalls the time a set designer in one of his first gigs decorated his character’s room with fast food on the walls, “I thought [the crew was] just being really nasty about anyone that’s overweight,” he said in an interview with People Magazine. Since starring as the host in “The Late Late Show, Corden has starred in plays and movies, further expanding the horizons for plus-sized actors and actresses.

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Barbie Ferreira

Well-known for her breakout role as Kat, a plus-sized teen, in HBO Max’s “Euphoria,” American actress Barbie Ferreira is paving the way for more plus-sized representation in television. “People are starting to figure out that they don’t always have to cast actors who are super thin,” Ferreira said in an interview with the “Los Angeles Times.” Like many of the other characters in “Euphoria,” Ferreira’s portrayal of Kat has empowered numerous fans through this representation.

As a society, we should not just take Oct. 6 to recognize and appreciate the multitude of inspiring, empowering plus-sized individuals – it should be every day. Through the influential people’s work and words mentioned above, we can learn so much about loving and accepting each other as equal humans.