Opinion: Halloween doesn’t need to be seen as cruel


Lilah Crone

A lit jack-o’-lantern sits on a porch in preparation for Halloween

Halloween is a popular American holiday which centers around trick-or-treating, horror movies, costumes and creepy surprises. The originally pagan holiday is considered “wrong” to some religions and opinions. Not everyone is on board with celebrating the holiday due to its eerie themes and suggested satanism. To me, it’s a harmlessly fun holiday that people should enjoy without worrying about evil rituals and satanic games.

Founded by Anton LaVey was the first church of Satan. LaVey himself said that by dressing in costumes and painting oneself signifies that they grant permission for Satan to own them. The origin of the holiday dates back to the Celtic festival of Samhain when people would dress as evil spirits to trick spirits so they wouldn’t play nasty tricks on humans. The holiday has since changed significantly; but nonetheless, how you celebrate and if you celebrate is up to you. Despite its origins, Halloween isn’t all bad and evil, and there’s a good side to this controversial holiday.


I will start with Halloween’s central attraction – costumes. There is nothing like planning what to wear each year to impress everyone around you. Any excuse to dress up is good enough for me. It’s also an opportunity to wear fun makeup that is deemed inappropriate on any other day. It is argued by some religious people who dislike Halloween that dressing up as witches and ghouls invites “evil spirits.” If dressing up like the undead isn’t your thing, dress up as something out of that category. I’ve seen many impressive princesses and pirates who weren’t undead.

Making it unique

Speaking of impressive costumes, what’s more impressive than making your own? The amount of DIY Halloween crafts is endless. Costumes, food, makeup, decorations, pranks: I’ve seen a lot of cool things. Not to mention, “Inktober,” which is a creative challenge for artists lasting all October to draw a picture every day of the month with themes circling around Halloween.


Going door to door for free candy has to be the best part of the holiday. Getting friends together to participate can double the fun. The anticipation for this has been lingering since the beginning of October. Between midterms and school, this has always been something I have looked forward to, motivating me to push a little harder through the fall. It costs nothing and anyone can do it. I’ve seen different ideas about what age is appropriate for trick-or-treating but in my eyes, you can never be too old. If you want to participate in it, do it.

Getting together 

Halloween parties, pumpkin carving contests and movie marathons are a blast. The number of opportunities to get with friends and have a good time are endless. What better way to spend Halloween than watching spooky films with friends? 

Halloween is celebrated in different ways and for different reasons. Most of us spend it on free candy and get togethers. Halloween doesn’t need to be satanic or dangerous; for the most part the holiday is harmlessly fun. Regardless of how people decide to celebrate it, Halloween will always lighten up the fall season for me and many others.