Opinion: People take things for granted too often

 Being appreciative improves a person’s wellbeing and makes them more motivated. It is important to enjoy what you have to the fullest.

Being appreciative improves a person’s wellbeing and makes them more motivated. It is important to enjoy what you have to the fullest.

It is easy to wish.

“If only I had more money.”

“If only I went to college instead of working at this measly job.”

“If only I was given something better.”

People often forget to be thankful for what they have, whether it’s personal freedoms, possessions or relationships. One thing many people take for granted is their country. Some Americans go as far as to say they hate the U.S. when they should appreciate having the rights established in the constitution by the founding fathers: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion and the right to bear arms. They all could have been privileges. When Americans focus on the bad aspects of the country, they overlook the power they have to take action against them. As citizens of the country, people must not hate the place they’ve lived in, but rather appreciate what it gives them and use it to achieve what they have yet to fix.

Other times, people do not feel as if they own enough to live happily. There are times when there will not be enough to buy a high quality want or need. I remember complaining about having too little when I couldn’t join school organizations or rigorous courses because of transportation issues. After dwelling on how I couldn’t participate in these activities, I realized a change had to be made in me. Once I acknowledged that what I had was enough, I realized I was taking things for granted. It’s best to be resourceful and make the most of what’s at hand.

It’s important to remember to appreciate the simple things too: a house, water, transportation and education. I find myself complaining about going to school when I feel like a mess or haven’t finished the homework I wanted to finish the night before. Then, when I think about how much I’ve learned from it and how much help I’ve received that I won’t get when I’m out in the real world, I’m able to push through the rough day.

Something everyone has taken for granted, regardless of the country they grew up in or their material possessions, is the other people in their life. People won’t be there forever, and not all will be patient or treat you well. Not only that, it’s difficult to find someone to help you out or to confide in. When coming across these people, gratitude is important in not only making connections but helping them last.

I’ve realized that there’s nothing wrong with wanting better; what is not good is finding something to blame. Disliking what you currently have because it’s not what you want is not beneficial or helpful. You have to use what you have in the present moment to move forward.