Spooky snacks: Dirt cups


Since it’s almost Halloween, aka my favorite time of year, I decided to make my blog entries about quick and creepy dishes that get me in the mood for Halloween. After getting sucked into a seemingly endless Pinterest hole, I found a recipe for pumpkin patch dirt cups which is perfect for Halloween-themed gatherings.

All you need is:

  • 1 package of Oreos
  • 1 package of instant chocolate pudding
  • 1 package of gummy worms
  • 4-5 clear plastic cups

First, I followed the instructions on the pudding box and put the pudding in the refrigerator to set. Next, I put the Oreos in a Ziplock, sealed it and smacked it with a rolling pin until the Oreos were crushed. By the time I was done with my mini workout, the pudding had set, so I took it out of the refrigerator and put two tablespoons into each plastic cup. Then, I proceeded to systematically layer the Oreos and pudding until I reached the top of the cup.

As a garnish, I positioned some gummy worms as if they were lying in dirt to add to the creepy feel. This simple yet creative dish allows to you to wow your guests without putting in much effort. All of the ingredients are common and affordable, so grabbing those from the store shouldn’t be a problem either. All in all, these dirt cups are sure to creep out your guests while fulfilling their craving for chocolate.