Rija Hates Everything: Brain-less teens and YouTube pranks


Illustration by Yasmin Haq

There is stupid, extremely stupid and then there is “YouTube pranks which are obviously fake or dangerous” stupid.

I cannot stress this enough: I hate pranks or these so-called challenge videos. They’re not funny, and they’re not entertaining. Why does YouTube even allow people to do such things that can put their lives in danger?

A month ago, a guy in England got his head stuck in a microwave filled with hardening product. They had to call a technical team to cut the microwave. According to the BBC, firefighters said they were “seriously unimpressed” after five of them had to spend an hour dealing with this stupidity.

The anonymous guy and his friends claimed they were “YouTube pranksters.” Yeah right, buddy. Just go ahead and delete your channel right now.

If you remember, last February, eating Tide PODS went viral and turned into a challenge. There were over 12,000 poison control calls made because brainless teenagers ate laundry pods like it was just another green apple Jolly Rancher.

My friends were a part of the brainless teenagers who wanted to try Tide PODS, and it took me a week to explain how dumb this sounded. The “joke” of eating a Tide POD is  that it’s bright colored laundry detergent looked edible so like, maybe we should eat it instead of using common sense.

According to TIME magazine, YouTube took down videos showing people eating laundry detergent or pressuring people to eat it after the “Tide POD challenge” went viral.

I want YouTube to take down harmful “pranks” videos just like they did with the “Kylie Jenner lip challenge” and the infamous “Tide POD challenge”; if it’s not funny and causes nothing but chaos, it shouldn’t be on a website that kids and brainless teenagers can view and get ideas from.