Feminist Fight Club: Introduction


graphic by Yasmin Haq

Growing up, my mom would tell me about how when she lived in Pakistan she could barely get an education, let alone a job. Growing up in America has provided me with so many more opportunities than she got, and she tells me that if there’s anything I want, then I should fight for it. 

I want to try and help others recognize the amazing women in our world. Although the world is changing and women are a bigger part of our society today, there are still places where women are repressed and given less rights than men.

Everyone has heard awful stories and seen the negative aspects of women going through awful treatment. I want to bring forth the women fighting these conditions and showcase how hard they work despite their restrictions. 

Women’s empowerment is something that is really important to me and I’m excited to be able to share and blog about this passion with others. Through this blog I hope to share the passion I have for women in the future to be given equal opportunities and to stand up for themselves. 


Welcome to the club!