Five fashion trends for 2020


Illustration by: Yasmin Haq

With the turn of a new decade, bidding goodbye to trends of the 2010’s could be relieving for many people. However, along with the loss of old trends, the new year brings refreshing new fashion fads with it. Due to the fall 2019 Fashion Weeks and abundant street style inspiration, fashion forward people have a pretty good idea of what to expect in the new year. 

Power Suit 

A big trend to anticipate for the upcoming seasons are blazer jackets and practical suits. Wearing a suit is the ultimate power move, so it’s safe to say I am all for this look. It’s also interesting and visually appealing to see the juxtaposition of pairing a distressed pair of jeans or an old t-shirt with a clean cut blazer. In a culture where “athleisure” and sneakers are all the rage, not that I don’t indulge in either of those, it’s refreshing to see sophistication displayed through clothing. 

Cardigan Comeback

While practical and cozy pieces are not a new item, cardigans have been popping up in stores and on the runway. These sweaters are easy to throw on over a dress or a shirt and are a must-have transition item for the winter and spring seasons. Ranging anywhere from oversized to cropped or embellished to simple, this knitwear is both a throwback and a look into the upcoming year. 

Lowrise Jeans 

I can’t say I’m happy about this, but low rise jeans are making a comeback — this early 2000s trend is back to haunt us all. High waisted jeans are much more comfortable and practical for everyday life, but celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Bella Hadid have recently tried to revive the unflattering pants. I think it’s still too early to bring back the low rise craze because it’s been less than 20 years since they have been in style, which isn’t long compared to other trends that have circled back into popularity. 

Mini Purses 

Mini purses have been on the rise since 2018; however, with Lizzo’s comically miniature red-carpet statement bag at the American Music Awards on Nov. 24, it’s clear the trend will only expand in the months to come. The bags have been found on the runway, in magazines, on the streets and at red-carpet events. While somewhat obnoxious and impractical, mini purses are a hilarious accessory that I love to see incorporated into various outfits – some people even wear them as belts or necklaces. 

Monochromatic outfits 

Wearing monochromatic outfits, comprised of different shades of the same color, has become a common trend in everyday life for a while now. There has been a plethora of outfit inspiration pouring in from apps like Tik Tok, most of which feature monochromatic looks. I like this trend in small doses because it can be visually overwhelming; however, I love the creativity displayed. Done with nude or muted colors, the monochromatic look can be both calming and sleek – the perfect combination for a stylish, sophisticated look. 

This new decade will no doubt bring some groundbreaking trends and styles. I look forward to seeing how much the fashion industry will grow and evolve in the future in terms of trends, sustainability and inclusivity. Now is the time to start fresh and absorb inspiration from the untapped potential of the new year in order to make history and shape the next generation of fashion lovers.