What the holidays mean to me

The energy in the air always seems different to me around the holidays. I always anticipate the day holiday music starts playing on the radio. A sense of relaxation and calamity take over me when the cold air hits my legs as I walk under cloudy skies. The rush of school is put on pause as students are getting out for winter break, families are gathering to celebrate and overall, people get to enjoy time to commemorate what their families mean to them. Even though my family is Hindu, we love celebrating the festivity of Christmas with close family at our annual holiday party. We go all out with lights arranged around our house, our tree full of ornaments and holiday-themed games for everyone to enjoy.

My mom always makes her famous jalapeño soup which we only get to savour once a year because of the intensive work it requires to make. While the holidays are a time to spend with friends, I enjoy getting to have a break from school and focusing on myself and using the time to have fun with family.

Traditionally, my family and I go to Deerfield, a neighborhood in Plano to admire lights, but this year, we got to experience something different. I got to go to Enchant, a new holiday attraction in Arlington with friends and family to admire the world’s largest light maze. I was amazed by the light fixtures and the effort put into making a small part of Texas transform into the North Pole. It was a nice start to the holiday season, and I’m sure my last Christmas as a high schooler will be unforgettable.