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Shortstop Haylee Epps hits a ball in area finals. Coaches from Hebron and Lake Highlands opted to make this a single-game playoff as opposed to a three-game series, which the Lady Hawks won 11-4.
Softball season ends at regional quarterfinals
Andrew Higgins, Reporter • May 18, 2024

The softball team’s season ended with a loss to Plano West High School in the regional quarterfinals on May 11 in a three-game playoff series.  “The...

Story-based games have been making a comeback, following the releases of TV-based spin-offs. With summer right around the corner, here are five great story-based video games to cure your summer boredom.
Five story games to play this summer
Andrew Higgins, Reporter • May 17, 2024

Story-based games have been making a comeback, following the releases of TV-based spin-offs, like “Fallout” and “The Last of Us.” Story...

I find myself going through my baby photo albums whenever I miss my grandpa. I’ve always kept the things I love close, and the people I love even closer.
Opinion: The everlasting feeling of loss
Shiren Noorani, Opinion Editor • May 17, 2024

Loss: the fact or process of losing something or someone. A feeling that entered my life with a sense of fear — one I lived every day trying...


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Opinion: Finding life in photography

Peyton Kuschmeider
For most of my teen years, life has been colorless and bland, until I found photography.

When I was younger, everywhere I went was full of life and color in every place I went — but at some point, it faded. 

Life was colorless. 

My surroundings lacked life; the world lost its flavor. The natural joy I had every day disappeared and was replaced with a void of dissatisfaction.

This past April, I went on the journalism department’s annual Austin trip. During the trip, I took photos, not as a photographer, but as an average tourist. On the second day, after going to all of the journalism convention classes, we headed to downtown Austin to explore and enjoy the rest of the day. 

While exploring, I took photos of everywhere I went. One of the last ones I took stuck with me as it looked different, yet oddly satisfying. It was a photo of an H-E-B at night, with the glow of the sign contrasting with the cold of the night. It looked lonely, but in a way, it gave me some sort of odd comfort through the vibrant colors.

One of the last photos I took while practicing photography. It was taken at a small H-E-B in Austin, Texas. (Caleb Wright)

Since then, I have taken countless photos in places I would have never found interesting or appealing. Through editing, I have also been able to bring my perspective from the lens to life. The freedom and creativity I have taking photos is relaxing, and the satisfaction I get when the final product is completed is one of the best rewards as a photographer. Seeing the progression from the raw to fully edited photo gives me the freedom to put my own mark on something seemingly so simple.

Photography has been one of the biggest gifts, but it has also seeped into every aspect of my life. I used to view most tasks as another chore that needed to be done to get through the day. However, taking photos has shown me that performing even the simplest of activities or going to the most simple places can have a sense of joy and meaning. 

One of my most recent photos I have taken. This was taken on the tower in the middle of the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve near sunset. (Caleb Wright)

One of those regular places is the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve that I visit. It has become one of my sources of inspiration with how much it has to offer, from the sparse trails to the view you can get from a tower deep into the main trail. The natural beauty that can be found along the park trails is one of those places that opened my eyes up to the peace in every photo. 

Photography is more than just a hobby — it is a way to bring back the childhood joy that disappeared. It helps me bring back the color that faded away as a teen. It’s one of those special activities that can bring someone anywhere and make every place new and exciting, just like when I was a child.

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About the Contributors
Caleb Wright
Caleb Wright, Sports editor
Senior Caleb Wright is the sports editor and this is his third year on staff. He enjoys driving his 2011 Volkswagen and studying investing and trading.
Peyton Kuschmeider
Peyton Kuschmeider, Multimedia Editor
Junior Peyton Kuschmeider is the multimedia editor and this is her second year on staff. In her free time, she loves to take photos, read, write, go on long drives and works at Texas Roadhouse. 

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