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Shortstop Haylee Epps hits a ball in area finals. Coaches from Hebron and Lake Highlands opted to make this a single-game playoff as opposed to a three-game series, which the Lady Hawks won 11-4.
Softball season ends at regional quarterfinals
Andrew Higgins, Reporter • May 18, 2024

The softball team’s season ended with a loss to Plano West High School in the regional quarterfinals on May 11 in a three-game playoff series.  “The...

Story-based games have been making a comeback, following the releases of TV-based spin-offs. With summer right around the corner, here are five great story-based video games to cure your summer boredom.
Five story games to play this summer
Andrew Higgins, Reporter • May 17, 2024

Story-based games have been making a comeback, following the releases of TV-based spin-offs, like “Fallout” and “The Last of Us.” Story...

I find myself going through my baby photo albums whenever I miss my grandpa. I’ve always kept the things I love close, and the people I love even closer.
Opinion: The everlasting feeling of loss
Shiren Noorani, Opinion Editor • May 17, 2024

Loss: the fact or process of losing something or someone. A feeling that entered my life with a sense of fear — one I lived every day trying...


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Opinion: Conquering coasters

Caleb Wright
Following my first roller coaster of the night at Six Flags, “Judge Roy Scream” I was relieved to have gotten the warm up out of the way. It was my first roller coaster I have ever been on, but one of the first to cure my fear of the gravity-defying rides.

On a daily basis, far too often, my anxiety gets the best of me. 

That same anxiety crept up on me as I watched the way roller coasters climbed higher. This is one of many reasons that my attempts to face my fears of roller coasters have been to no avail. 

Ever since I could remember, I have been terrified of roller coasters. From their tall drops to the upside down loop-the-loops, I have always been horrified — especially since everyone says the best roller coasters are ones with the biggest drops and most thrillingly fast speeds. 

Additionally, horror stories of accidents occurring on the daunting rides kept me from attempting to face my fears. I know the chances are always very slim for anything terrible to happen, but that lingering fear stayed with me. I imagined that the one time I finally rode any roller coaster, something bad would inevitably happen.

Recently, I have finally conquered those fears through a trip to Six Flags during its Fright Fest event this past weekend. Going into the amusement park, I was void of all emotion as I saw the coasters that had previously terrorized me. I was still a bit nervous approaching my warm up ride of the “Judge Roy Scream,” even though it was one of the tamer rides. But that fear flew away just as the ride went by with its sets of repeated rises and falls. 

Though that was only the warm up ride, the real challenge was still yet to come. I only had time for one more ride. That last ride was “The Batman,” one of the “scariest” rides at the park. Waiting in the line heightened my worries, but also my excitement to finally deal with the fear. 

The shoulder restraints locked me into my seat. Then, the ride took off as my heart started racing for the thrills I was about to experience. It ended as quick as it started and, to my surprise, I was fine. 

The realization of all those fears being in my head was one of the greatest reliefs I have experienced in a long while. In the end, it left me wanting to ride the next big, scary ride at the park and to get an even greater thrill than the last. 

Just as all the anxiety built up on the rise, it finally disappeared —  just like the fall. Maybe that anxiety in my head was simply a challenge waiting for me to overcome it, and like the roller coasters, much of my anxiety is waiting to be overcome. From the stresses of failing to the struggles of not being good enough, I need to face them, just like how I finally rode a roller coaster, to overcome those ideas haunting my mind.

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About the Contributor
Caleb Wright
Caleb Wright, Sports editor
Senior Caleb Wright is the sports editor and this is his third year on staff. He enjoys driving his 2011 Volkswagen and studying investing and trading.

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