Nerdy by Nature: My favorite BookTubers

BookTube is a book-specific subset of the YouTube community, where creators, called BookTubers, share videos about books they love or hate, fandoms, literacy and being generally excited about reading. I stumbled upon this online paradise when I was in fifth grade, and I have been an avid watcher ever since. I love this community which encourages readers of all ages, and I highly recommend watching a few of these channels.

  1. Ariel Bissett

Bissett’s self-named channel with 170,000 subscribers is my personal favorite. She is a Canadian writer and filmmaker and has a Master of Arts in English Literature from the University of Ottawa. She is the creator and host of the “Reading Rush,” the internet’s largest readathon, and “Books Unbound,” a weekly bookish podcast. Her soothing voice and passion for books makes watching her videos one of my favorite pastimes.

  1. Paperbackdreams

Kat, whose channel name is paperbackdreams, has 194,000 subscribers. Kat makes many videos including monthly TBRs (to be read) and reviews of what she has read, but she is most well known for her rant reviews. Her sassy nature comes out full force when she reviews a book she doesn’t like, and it makes for an extremely entertaining video.

  1. PeruseProject

Regan Perusse, who goes by the channel name PeruseProject, has 285,000 subscribers. Perusse has been making book-related videos for six years, including recommendations and reviews of different genres. My favorite videos to watch are her weekend reading vlogs. She reads so much and shows her viewers glimpses of her life along with her dog, a pug named Matilda.